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Our Participations

Successful Collaborations

With the right guidance and ecosystem, a small idea can quickly turn into a highly successful business. Browse our portfolio to learn the kinds of startups that have gone through our Startup Incubator on their way to becoming what they are today. training and coaching


Outstanding Success

This startup focusses on training and coaching of individuals and teams looking for the double win:  winning in work and life.

The organisation has 2 pillars: Industrial Culture and Personal Growth.

While industrial culture is focussing on team performance and aligning the business needs, personal growth focusses on the individual within this team and the balance with the personal life.  We believe that finding this balance will improve both the business and personal success and thus create the Double Win!

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Pete's Barbecue - Experience Store

Creative Synergy

We help searching for outstanding products and the marketing concept.  We build and maintain the store.

pete's barbecue outdoor cooking academy logo

Pete's Barbecue Outdoor Cooking Academy

A Community Startup

This startup has grown out of the need for more professional training in outdoor cooking.  The vision is to bring outdoor enthousiasts together in a cooking community that supports good, healthy and sustainable food!

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