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Innovation session at Piam

Welcome to Piam

Center of Innovation

Collaboration at Piam

About Our Incubator in Gent

How It Works

Founded in 2011, we are a team of experienced, cross-cultural industry experts and operators that have set out to inspire and innovate through collaboration. At Piam, we provide unparalleled access to industrial knowledge that can help early stage startups navigate the ideation and industrialisation process.

Your ideas have the ability to change the world, and we can see that. That's why we are open to investigate the potential of your idea and participate in the conceptualisation, MVP and startup process.  Once viable, we will support in scaling to a stand-alone business and help in finding partners to support growth.

Piam also supports in industrial culture changes, interim management and team coaching in Belgium.  please visit the Groundlights website for more information.


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